Analyse this

Google Analytics has just implemented a sexy new layout and it’s pretty slick! They’ve changed the default summary from 7 to 30 days which gives a better visual overview of trends, and they’ve squeezed more features onto each screen. Me likey!!

One feature I like is the ability to export results to PDF. The reports it generates are very attractive and well laid-out. I’d like to share one of these reports.

Fear not, there is absolutely no identifying data about any one user, anonymous or otherwise, in this report. I’m not terribly interested in the comings and goings of individual users anyway so I don’t care to track them. For the most part Google Analytics focuses on broad trends more than sessions.


Download my Analytics report here

P.s., if you see my Snap Preview plugin you’ll probably be as impressed as I am that hovering over a link to a PDF actually shows a preview! Man that’s cool!


Speak softly and carry a fat pipe

Bravo Rogers! My bandwidth seems to have been increased without announcement. Very impressive stable throughput! That’s about 6Mb by my count!



My day has been made

Whilst checking out my Google Analytics statistics, as I do daily, I was thoroughly rendered enslaved by paroxysms of delight when it reported one of my top referring search queries to be “Serge Duclos”. It’s hilarious that my blog entry, as of today, is the number one hit for this query (edit – this was pretty short lived) since I use it as a third-hand reference to the Douglas Coupland novel, J-Pod, which is otherwise completely unrelated to the topic of that post.

Maybe no one else will find this even remotely amusing, but I don’t write for you people so sod off.


And to any and all who call themselves Serge Duclos, je suis désolé; I don’t mean to steal your thunder.

Aside, it’s interesting to note that 142 people found my page these past 7 days via Google searches. Looks like they probably didn’t find what they were looking for, though they read over 2 pages each per visit on average. This blog is like a pitcher plant full of BS – once you buzz your way in it’s a slippery struggle to escape!