The snap is back, for now

As per the recommendation of a wise third party I’ve configured Google Analytics to omit from my web log analyses. Since making this change my logs seem to be returning to sane levels again. I’ll keep Snap Previews active for the time being, pending my indifference to this superfluous but very nifty plugin.


Also, note the parenthetical numbers beside my categories. These figures indicate the number of posts per category.

Keep your eyes open for new hacks! I love WordPress!


Hacking Cloudy

EDIT – this article was written in reference to Cloudy version 0.4. See the end of this article for a copy of my customised source code along with installation instructions.

I’ve hacked the source a little bit to make each word in the Cloudy cloud clickable. Clicking a word searches my blog for that word. Here’s what I did: (I hope these blockquotes will show HTML code!) I scrolled to the bottom of the source just after the 4 lines starting with this code:

if ($val >= $this->range………….

I then found the folliowing line of code:

$this->my_cloudy_text .= “<span style=\”font-size: $font_size%;\”><a title=\”I have used ‘$key’ $val times!\” name=\”$key\” class=\”cloudy\”>$key</a></span> “

At this point in the code the string variable “$key” contains one word in the cloud. I performed a search on my blog which showed the format of a URL crafted to perform a search. It’s basically

So I just added an HREF option to the A tag. The following code is crafted for my site, so just replace my domain name with yours:

$this->my_cloudy_text .= “<span style=\”font-size: $font_size%;\”> < a href=\”$key\” title=\”I have used ‘$key’ $val times!\” name=\”$key\” class=\”cloudy\”>$key</a></span> “;

Enjoy, and many many thanks to Chris Compton for this excellent and superbly documented lump of code!

Note – don’t try to copy and paste this code because WordPress converts double quotes to fancy quotes. Pasting this code won’t work. Just insert the bolded href command above into the appropriate place.

EDIT – You may download an exact copy of my customised source code here. Right-click this link and save the file as “cloudy.php”, then upload it to /blogdir/wp-content/plugins/, and activate it. Look near the bottom of the file for the code I edited – I left a comment just above it so it should be perfectly clear what you need to do.

Note that this is an unofficial, unsupported hack of the source code. In general you should not trust source code coming from anyone but the original developer, and if you’re smart you’ll even be suspicious of that. Even WordPress’s official source code has been infiltrated in the recent past. The onus is on YOU to read over this source code before implementing it.



Sayonara, Snap Previews

Since installing Snap Preview my web logs have been going haywire. I appears that my blog is visited every time someone hovers over a hyperlink. As you can see below, this creates tons of “direct” (non-referred) hits from Los Angeles which messes with my logs.


I’ve tried asking Snap support for help but they don’t seem to understand my problem. The feature is superfluous enough that I think my readers can live without it.

Arivaderci, Snap!