Free speech prevails

It appears that is slowly coming back online with all its content intact. It’s hinted that the site is no longer hosted in Malaysia. If the physical hosting of the content was the matter of legal contention, then it just goes to show the frivolty of governing the internet with geographical borders.

The very infrastructure of the internet as well as organizations like the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers proves (in principle if not in practise) that unified governance is the way to go. On the internet, when laws are undermined by the laws of another country it is a simple task of relocating digital content to a new server. That’s why there’s a global epidemic of spam, phishing, and fraud.

On the flip side, should people be forced to abide by internet laws or restrictions that are in conflict with local laws? MP3 trading is legal in many countries. Blogging is illegal in others.

Water flows into the area with the lowest pressure. The only way to balance the flow is to equalize both sides. Every year the internet presents individual people with opportunities for unprecedented powers and freedoms. Will the future bring a united government serving the entire human race? A series of isolated federal intranets? Or will we retain our disjointed one?

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