Demodulated demodulated

I found a link to a very cool utility that finds the 100 most commonly used words on a website or blog and makes an alphabetical collage of them. Technically I should be buying a shirt from for providing me this service but I’ll chalk this nifty image up to charitable donation.


How the word “fact” got into my blog (or any blog) is beyond me!

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Who is Brian really?
I live in Toronto, Canada, and work for an IT firm. That's about as much real-world info I'm comfortable divulging here. What you read on my blog is the real Brian, but, for the sake of freedom of speech, I feel most comfortable leaving a gulf between my cyberspace and meatspace personae.

Who is Brian at work?
My ridiculous job title is "Marketing Specialist" since I wear so many hats at work. I'm a technical writer, a specialist in enterprise search technologies, an electronic forms designer, a newsletter author, system administrator... but I'm in the Marketing department so for the time being I'm stuck with this inauspicious title.

Who is Brian at play?

Who is Brian

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[…] At the bottom of my right-hand sidebar can be found my word cloud – a list of my fifty most-used words, sans the “the”s and “and”s, etc., with the most frequent words appearing proportionately larger than the others. I dabbled with this concept last year but discarded it as a one-off sideshow. Cloudy does a rather nice job of displaying this information as it updates in real time and considers my entire prolific blog history while ignoring the headers and footers. […]

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