A Cist Rust Test (TTC Sues Artist)

So the beloved Toronto Transit Commission is demanding a local artist, John Martz, remove an odd interpretation of the Toronto subway map from his website. TTC lawyers state that the playful map is in violation of TTC trademarks and may confuse riders enroute to Bathurst Station when all they find is “Butt Rash”.

Yuh huh.

As Canadians don’t we have a certain freedom of speech? A right to parody? But more importantly…

The TTC is a public service funded in part by local tax dollars. In fact, the TTC put up posters for many months on all their subway cars and buses shaming the federals for being the only branch of government who had not opened their coffers to assist the transit’s ever-rising costs. Now that they have the money they’re spending it on lawyers?

How much of my $2.50 fare goes into lawyers’ pockets? How much of my GST? How much of my PST? How much of my income tax? How many times do I have to pay to take the TTC? And what am I paying for? What of residents of other provinces who will never ride the TTC but pay for it just the same?

Well, if it’s illegal to post the map with TTC logos then it must be okay to do everything but, right? So click this logo-deficient thumbnail to download the original map (PDF) from a free internet cache.


In case Coral cache is down, as it sometimes is, here’s a link to a page that may or may not have very pertinent information about how or how not to easily and directly download a certain alleged map. But I don’t know nuthin about nuthin so don’t go suing me.

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