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You know you’re a nerd when…
aka 19 reasons why you’re cooler than me (and 1 reason why you’re cooler than my girlfriend)

  1. You remember your favourite IP address. (
  2. You remember the phone number of your favourite dialup BBS. (xxx-253-5558 – Edge of Eternity BBS, Toronto, circa 1994)
  3. You know which modem is faster – 9600 baud Hayes or 9600 baud courier.
  4. You know what D&D character you would be IRL. (Chaotic Good Elf Bard Mage)
  5. You feel the impulse to “save your game” after accomplishing something IRL. (like Ai – “F5!”)
  6. You use the term IRL IRL.
  7. You have a folder of Windows desktop screenshots.
  8. You hear a “ding” somewhere and you look down to see who’s PMing you. (a la Guild Wars)
  9. You size up everyday objects and consider how big your katamari needs to be.
  10. You’ve met internet friends for the first time and were asked to match faces to aliases.
  11. You continued to call those people by their alias to their faces.
  12. You say “SYN” and your friend says “ACK”.
  13. You think video games are superior to real life in every way but in load times.
  14. You occasionally get the Tetris or Kirby’s Dream Land themes stuck in your head.
  15. You want to smash others with your car after playing Need for Speed.
  16. You nitpick minute technical inaccuracies in a movie with space monsters.
  17. You trade an ISA sound card for an Atari-style serial joystick at a 2600 swap meet.
  18. You go camping for the weekend and come home with second hand CDs and videos.
  19. You tell people to RTFM without doing so yourself.
  20. j00 5p311 f4573r 1n numb3r5 7h4n y0ur fr13nd5 d0 1n l3773r5.

G33ky Gr4ph1c5

Self-scanned image of The 7th Guest, Disc 2 (with 45-minutes of Redbook audio)

Self-scanned image of a real life Infocom text adventure

Sierpinski triangles

Graphical bandwidth monitor showing a CD burn of a network resource

Screenshot of my Windows properties when I installed my Athlon 64 (note the Wargames reference in the registered name)

MSDOS Winamp skin

By brian

About Brian Damage:

Who is Brian really?
I live in Toronto, Canada, and work for an IT firm. That's about as much real-world info I'm comfortable divulging here. What you read on my blog is the real Brian, but, for the sake of freedom of speech, I feel most comfortable leaving a gulf between my cyberspace and meatspace personae.

Who is Brian at work?
My ridiculous job title is "Marketing Specialist" since I wear so many hats at work. I'm a technical writer, a specialist in enterprise search technologies, an electronic forms designer, a newsletter author, system administrator... but I'm in the Marketing department so for the time being I'm stuck with this inauspicious title.

Who is Brian at play?

Who is Brian