Half Life: The Movie

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Still waiting on this website analyzer to do it’s stuff, so I’ve been cruising the Valve forums reading all about Half Life 2. (YAAAY Episode 1 is unlocked and waiting for me!!) I came across this utterly hilarious post by HawkEyesUK featuring the movie trailer that just might be.

It was a time for war, a time for heroes… a time for… war… and heroes… …

One man… One Crowbar… One Mission… to kick some alien a**!

Join Dr. Gordon Freeman through an epic journey, that even he doesn’t understand, shadowed by a menacing appearce-altering intergallactic bounty hunter who wears a suit. From the twisting hallways of a top secret government facility to the open streets of an alien-infested world… comes a new type of adventure.

With an all-star cast

Arnold Schwarzenegger IS Gordon Freeman

Scientist: “Gordon, you have to get out of there!”
Gordon: “What the hell did you?”

With Sylvester Stallone as Barney Calhoun

Barney: “Hey catch me later, I’ll buy you a beer.”
Gordon: “Don’t Bull**** me!”

In a world with no future, a world being punished for the mistake of a few men, a few men who are now the only remaining hope for the future of mankind. They must now devise a way to fight off a race of super-beings they once released.

Kleiner: “Gordon! Throw the switch now!… For the love of Darwin, use your hands man!”

Every action, every breath, every broken crate is just one step closer to the devastating truth!

Gman: “Wasssn’t it– obvi-ous, all a-long Misster FreeMan?”
Gordon: “Yoou son of a *****!”

He can run, periodically, but he can’t hide.

Breen: “Well, well, if it isn’t Gordon Freeman”

In Stasis, no one can hear you scream.

Gordon: “Stick Around!”
Gman: “No, Mr FreeMan… thiss, is where… I, get off.”

…comedy… mystery…

Barney: “What the hell are these things? And why’re they wearing science team uniforms?!”
Gordon: “Come with me if you want to live!”

…bad guys… action

Barney: “They’re coming from the ceilings Gordon!”

more action

Barney: “They’re still coming from the ceilings Gordon!”

…adventure, Romance…

Alyx: “Gordon, I love you, but we only have 14 hours to save the earth!”

… some more mystery, a crowbar, friendship…

Alyx: “Gordon, it’s not worth it! There’s too many of them!”
Gordon: “Trust me, I have to do this.”
Alyx: “But Gordon… it’s… just a crowbar.”

This Summer, the Crowbar is in the other hand.

Alyx: “Gordon, where are you going?”
Gordon: “I’ll be back”

|- The Legend of Gordon Freeman -|

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