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Premature ejection

I couldn’t have concocted a more spectacular and horriffic end to my WoW fiasco with the help of Stephen King!

I successfully logged in to WoW today, accepted 2 EULAs as always, and was happy to see yesterday’s patch come in quickly. In no time it was done downloading and prompted me to restart. I did so, waited a very short time for the minor patch to install, dismissed the dialog with Enter, and re-entered the game.

I accepted 2 EULAs yet again (Blizzard’s lawyers sure work for their paycheques. Small wonder.) and entered my password.

Today is day 7 of my 10-day free trial and WoW tells me I have “used up my prepaid time for this account”.

Blizzard are ripoff artists. I miss the old Blizzard of Warcraft and Diablo and Blackthorne. I guess the soul of the company was extinguished forever when Bill Roper (lead producer of amazing-looking upcoming game Hellgate: London) and much of the original Diablo team jumped ship.

I think this game has ruined MMOGs for me. It’s mind boggling how this product failed me at every single turn.

I was one of your best prospects, Blizzard. Even after my girlfriend uninstalled the game in frustration I somehow convinced her to reinstall it to play with me and give it a fair shake. A more patient and understanding prospective customer you’ll never find again, Blizzard, and you blew it. Over and over and over.

No sale.

** UPDATE **

Sweet zombie jesus, THIS GAME WILL NOT HAVE MERCY ON ME! Stubborn to the very last!


From hell’s heart I stab at thee!


But thou dost parry and strike at me with thine last ounce of fortitude! O, vile fiend, wilt thou torture me evermore?


Calloo calay! After much tussle and strain I hath slain the foul beast!


And despite the demonic babblings in its death throes there is nary a sign of the festering corpse of this most heinous entity. Goode riddance!!!

** UPDATE 2 **

I thought I’d do Blizzard a favour by expressing my discontent with their product. I went to and looked for a “Contact Us” link. No beans.

I figured most of my issues were technical so I clicked “Technical Support” and was unhappily greeted with a message board. Highly unprofessional in my books; does Blizzard torrent out their tech support to their paying customers as well!?

No matter. I didn’t feel like creating an account just for one message post so I tried to access a shared account with bugmenot. None of them seemed to work. Then I realized why.


The logon server for the tech support forum is down.

Strike 47, you’re out. Troubleshoot your own damn game.

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