Back to the future

I’ve been asked to research ways to improve search engine rankings of the corporate web site at the company I work for, so I’m using the Internet Business Promoter application to analyze potential keywords and current rankings. I’ve been given a huge list of keywords and I’m testing them on 8 search engines so it’s taking a while. What better excuse to do some blogging at work?

So, for fun, I’m using an archaic old web browser, LINKS, to post this blog entry. LINKS is a text-based web browser designed for simple console computers that cannot display graphics, but it’s pretty fun to use on modern computers all the same. You’ll never know the joys of fast web browsing until you check out this browser.

LINKS is an advanced successor to LYNX, the other white meat of text-based web browsers. While also a great program, LYNX lacks support for some neccessary web evils such as JavaScript, frames, and cookies.

Considering the widespread implementation of broadband internet, I’m rather impressed at how many web pages support text-only browsing. For instance, you know those ALT tags – the tooltip descriptions that appear when you hover the mouse over an image? Text browsing is the reason they’re there, and they do the job nicely. Hyperlinks and web forms are no match for this mighty browser, but don’t expect fancy frills to translate. I can understand the ommission of rich text formatting while posting a blog entry in text mode, but I’m a little disappointed that I’m unable to edit my post in html or upload images.

Anyway, give LINKS a try and see the web as it was in its infancy.

p.s., I can’t play it yet so it doesn’t really matter, but why the heck is Half Life 2: Episode One still listed as “Preload complete; unreleased” on Steam!? It’s supposed to be released today!! If it’s not playable by the time I get home from work I’ll have a fit!

Screenshot of in LINKS (image uploaded with Firefox after the original post)