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Brian Salcedo and Adam Botbyl, ages 23 and 22, have been sentenced 9 years for breaking into a Lowe’s grocery store WiFi network and snooping for credit card information with a custom-modified version of a commercial transaction auditing tool, tcpcredit.

This sentence is ridiculous. 9 years for friggin network intrusion? True it’s not a first offense conviction, but this poor 23 year old kid’s life is ruined – not by his actions but by his “justice” system.

He connected to a publicly accessible WiFi network! He tuned his stereo into KLOW public access radio – all Lowe’s, all the time. The manager of the store should get 9 years in jail for putting thousands of customers’ private data at stake! But no, it’s not grandma’s fault she cooled her pie on the window, it’s the dog’s fault for smelling and eating it.

Do you know how easy it is to get credit card information? Dumpster diving behind the store would yield more numbers in 5 minutes than 24-hours of WiFi packet capture. This is a crime of curiosity. This is REAL hacking – modifying publicly accessible resources to see how functionality can be extended. This kid should go directly to college, do not pass GO, do not collect $200.

Oh no, a kid knows the TCP stack. That’s a classified protocol only used on private intranets. Obviously he is a TERRORIST conspiring with Gary fucking McKinnon to reveal the government’s secret plot to bury free energy at Lowes superstores. Lock him up for a third of his life and throw away the key – his unquenchable thirst for computer science will be worse than 40 Nagasakis in a dairy case.

The Michigan justice system is run by old men who are amazed at the lifelike puppets wiggling inside their televisions.

Freedom downtime.

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