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I admit I’m mostly satisfied with the quality of service and uptime Blizzard is serving me with my paid World of Warcraft subscription. I don’t think I’ve been refused a connection once, and the worst connectivity issue I’ve come across is a fairly annoying lag (60 seconds) while waiting for a dead creature’s loot screen to appear after clicking. Too bad I hardly play the game. It’s pretty boring.

But that’s not why I’m writing today. I thought I’d share a screenshot from my logs with my readers, and hopefully with Blizzard as well:


As you can see, this screenshot illustrates the top 10 search queries that brought people to my blog this week. The number one query is “wow trial”, and those people are sent directly to one of my several complaints about the horrendous service and awful patching ordeal I was subjected to during my own trial period. As a result, 41 people may have been deterred from purchasing the game this week.

Serves you right, Blizzard. Now that I’m a paying customer I hope you’ll coerce me to write something positive about my experience.

And now to cater to that rather quizzical Google query, just so that poor chappy doesn’t have to go home empty handed:


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