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Lil’ troops deployed on the wrong front

Gamasutra reports today on an in-development rehash of one of my favourite old games, Cannon Fodder by Codemasters. From the article:

“British game publisher Codemasters have announced the now-portable return of their classic Cannon Fodder franchise, set to massively attack PSPs in the spring of 2007.”

PSP!?!?!? This was a game whose biggest claim to fame was the freedom to aim quickly and freely with the mouse! What’s it doing on a dual analog system? No doubt the game will be retooled into a non-descript Army Men / Armed & Dangerous / Contra clone that works well on that wee little PSP analog nub. The original game deserves to be released on the DS in all its free-aiming glory!

Check out Cannon Fodder and Cannon Fodder 2 from Home of the Underdogs! Bloody war has never been so adorable!


Go git ’em, Stoo!

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