Demodulated Googled

I’ve been monkeying around a bit with Google Free Site Search and have put together a fairly attractive results page design that I’m looking forward to implementing on this page to replace the so-so built-in WordPress search. Really, the default search tool works just fine but I like many of Google’s value-adds like spell checking and cached page logging.

I haven’t decided whether to implement it since Google is rather slower at crawling content than I am at creating it, but it would certainly make me feel like a big man to have the power of Google’s search algorithm at work for my lil’ ol’ blog. However, I’m really not crazy about the ads on the side. I’ve made it my mission to never show ads on my site so I’m not really sure this service will be worth the smudging of my morals.
Google has yet to crawl my newly added blog archives so search is pretty useless right now, but feel free to give it a try below to get a feel for what it will look like: (search “blog” to get a result)