Sayonara, Snap Previews

Since installing Snap Preview my web logs have been going haywire. I appears that my blog is visited every time someone hovers over a hyperlink. As you can see below, this creates tons of “direct” (non-referred) hits from Los Angeles which messes with my logs.


I’ve tried asking Snap support for help but they don’t seem to understand my problem. The feature is superfluous enough that I think my readers can live without it.

Arivaderci, Snap!

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2 replies on “Sayonara, Snap Previews”

I’m giving your suggestion a shot. I’ve noticed presumably one hit per preview from so I’ve filtered those hits from my Google Analytics log analyses. Hopefully that’ll do that trick!

I emailed Snap support after noticing the inflated logs but they didn’t seem to understand what I was asking of them. I’d requested an IP range to filter, not realizing Google Analytics allows me to filter by domain.

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