Best of demodulated

A recent post in one of my favourite blogs, I’d Rather Be Writing, referred me to a fantastic article on the bokardo blog entitled “9 Lessons for Would-be Bloggers”. Amongst other gems (including, especially, the author-asserting qualifier that all blog entries should be considered forever beta) the one suggestion that revealed a gaping hole in my own page design was the inclusion of a “greatest hits” page.

In my true-to-life self-deprecating fashion I’d like to say that it was difficult wading through the crap to find a few gems worthy of declaring my best foot to put forward. But I can’t. The truth is that, indeed amongst the crap, there are a few posts I’ve written that I’m particularly proud of and actually enjoy re-reading on occasion.

Amongst the 94 posts in my 16 months of blogging I’ve selected 13 to represent the best I have to offer. Flipping through the remaining 78 posts often made me want to delete everything but my best-of, but it’s all beta, Brian, it’s all beta.

And so I invite you, my favourite people on Earth, my new readers and old, to shift your gaze down the southeastern corner of your monitor to the “Best of Demodulated” heading on my sidebar. What you read there may be more indicative of my potential than my consistency, but that’s probably how you’re most interested in spending your valuable time anyway.

I read and appreciate each of your comments, even if critical, so don’t be dissuaded by the age of the posts.

P.s., since I’m really the only person using the search functionality I’ve removed the “Top Lookups” statistics, showing the most frequently searched keywords, from the sidebar.

Console Gaming

The kindness of strangers

Shortly following our move to our new apartment my girlfriend and I were offered a weathered but absolutely gorgeous wooden entertainment centre. Many thanks to our lovely new neighbour a few doors down who generously donated this to us. It very gracefully solves our problem of how to best display our history museum of video game consoles.

Click the thumbnail and squint a bit to picture yourself in our otherwise humble living quarters with nearly 20 years of video game entertainment at your disposal. Squint a little harder to envision a Wii in place of our very neglected GameCube.



Chrystal’s Mystical Journey

A few years ago I was simply in awe of the newly released Windows Movie Maker – a simple to use, sufficiently powerful for hobbyists, free-of-charge video editing program. It captured my imagination and I immediately scoured the net for free stock footage with which to make pointless amateurish music videos. After about 10 hours I decided my ideas were too lofty for this humble software so I gave up about 3/4 of the way through my first production. I’ll spare you all the bruised fruits of that tireless labour.

WMM has matured a bit since then, and, after thoroughly berating my girlfriend for being a typical cat owner, the video she took of our cat in the midst of an Electric Kool-Aid Catnip Test sparked my creative fuse.

Yadda yadda yadda, 30 minutes later we’d produced this masterpiece of purposeless drivel.


Aaaaaand keyhole wipe and we’re out.