Silver trees and purple sands

I got an email a short while ago from Hullabaloo Raves announcing an upcoming 10th anniversary reunion party. It’s been years since I went to one of these things, but I’m going to this one. Period. There are very few reasons that would bring me out of my rave-free hideyhole but this is one of them (DJs Josh Wink, R.A.W., and Ritchie Hawtin are others).

I’ve reminisced about Hullabaloo raves in the past, so I encourage you to read my thoughts on Toronto’s (and maybe North America’s) most famous rave company for some background. My ultimate Hullabaloo moment, which I describe in a little more detail in this post, is when a random girl generously gave me a bead necklace, asking nothing in return. Though I gave away the necklace I kept a few beads as a reminder. While moving out of my parents’ place I found these beads and now keep them in my jacket pocket. I remember many things about that night, even over 9 years later.

One thing I most certainly remember in flawless detail was how much I loved the set of a veteran Toronto DJ, Ruffneck, spinning some very old school techno classics spanning about 1989 to 1993. Not only did Ruffneck play many of my favourite all-time anthems, including 3 consecutive Acen tracks, but he played some of the rarest and choicest remixes thereof – always the sign of a DJ who loves what he or she does. Ruffneck is ‘longsided by a real Toronto rave institution, MC Flipside, who was renowned in the city as one of the most prominent and vocally blessed MCs of the 90’s. I bought the tape of this performance and wore it thin. The current state of my copy makes it unlistenable.

Thus it was with great elation that I downloaded the set, transcribed from pristine DAT, from the Hullabaloo forum’s list of free Bittorrent MP3s. While this is a great distribution method, it is a little less accessible than direct HTTP downloads, which are, unfortunately, prohibitively expensive considering the many gigabytes spanned in this ever-growing online catalogue. Fortunately for me, and especially for you, fair reader, this is not the case at Demodulated!

It is with great pride, and with the kind permission of Hullabaloo founder DJ Anabolic Frolic, that I redistribute my very favourite DJ set out of the 14-odd Hullabaloo parties I attended. Please download, share, and enjoy, as you ought to with all culture. That’s what the internet is for.

DJ Ruffneck live at Hullabaloo 3, Love and Magic, November 22, 1997
192kbps, 44.1khz, stereo
60:02, 84.5MB
Download (right-click to save as)

My extra special thanks go to Anabolic Frolic for generously hosting these mix sets, and especially to DJ Ruffneck and the world class Hullabaloo DJs, many of whom earn thousands of dollars for an hour’s work, for sharing their music with the world for free. That shows a lot of class.

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Great set – I was raving to these tunes when they were NEW SCHOOL in 92, never mind “old school” in 97! Acen is my all-time favourite – Window in the Sky possibly the best techno track ever written…. Too bad the young’uns these days don’t know their old school stuff anymore.

Top one, nice one, get sorted! Hardcore massive, step up!

Jason Elite, 91-94 Toronto raver

I started out in October of ’96 at Destiny 16. That was the heyday (mayday?) of Toronto raves according to some, and long after the golden age according to others. I wish I could have seen those olden days, though I was just a pip back then.

Don’t make me wait don’t make me wait – evapor8!

Great hearing from you Jason!

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