Big Brother is watching you dance

I saw a hilarious video care of Boing Boing yesterday that totally made my day. It’s of an impromptu flash mob of cosplayers performing a little dance routine in Akihabara, the video game Mecca of Tokyo. The flailing but orderly egress when the cops arrive is delightful since the mood is still so breezy and carefree.


It reminded me of a video I saw a few years ago showing an outdoor rave somewhere in Utah. Seems American authorities aren’t quite so accepting of spontaneous jovial gatherings.


Just food for thought. Draw your own conclusions.

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2 replies on “Big Brother is watching you dance”

difference is all the obedient japanese fled instantly at the first sight of the law. the stubborn americans did not disperse but loitered around. ;)

There was a heck of a lot more “law” in the American video though. I might run from them if I wasn’t so afraid to turn my back on assault rifles!

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