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Google Analytics has just implemented a sexy new layout and it’s pretty slick! They’ve changed the default summary from 7 to 30 days which gives a better visual overview of trends, and they’ve squeezed more features onto each screen. Me likey!!

One feature I like is the ability to export results to PDF. The reports it generates are very attractive and well laid-out. I’d like to share one of these reports.

Fear not, there is absolutely no identifying data about any one user, anonymous or otherwise, in this report. I’m not terribly interested in the comings and goings of individual users anyway so I don’t care to track them. For the most part Google Analytics focuses on broad trends more than sessions.


Download my Analytics report here

P.s., if you see my Snap Preview plugin you’ll probably be as impressed as I am that hovering over a link to a PDF actually shows a preview! Man that’s cool!

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