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My girlfriend has a so-so digital camera. We are basically urban hermits so all we ever take pictures of are our cat Chrystal and the view out the window.

Here’s what I saw at 6:52PM from our apartment in uptown Toronto. This is my first time living in an apartment. The view is just unbelievable.


I love that this is the most populous city (thus one of the most polluted) in Canada, yet the view from up here is predominantly green. This is the greatest nation on the face of the earth.

If anyone else out there has a picture of the view outside your own home I’ll post it on my blog if you like.

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Wow!! That is absolutely gorgeous! It almost reminds me of the Great Plains region of Canada that I used to live near. I love rolling plains. Your picture is much greener than central Canada, and those plants look like they thrive in an arid climate. Australia?

Would you like me to post it on my blog? If so, can you say a few words about where you live?

It’s Victoria Day this coming Monday in Canada. Do you celebrate that in East Victoria?

nah on both counts
around here it’s pretty quiet most of the time, so no celebrating, but i love it that way :)

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