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I bought a couple of Daft Punk albums (Discovery and Human After All. Meh.) from HMV for a cool $20 last week and added them to my now-completely ripped collection (except for those I’ve loaned, lost, or destroyed – and there’s a LOT of those), all at 320kbps stereo. I can’t detect any difference in quality between the original CDs and the high quality MP3 rips, and it’s nice to be able to put 4 or 5 albums on one disc to last me a week of commuting.

I thought I’d post a directory listing (dir /s m:\Brian’s CDs\ > cdcollection.txt) of my collection for posterity. Perhaps some call me old-fashioned for still buying CDs and immediately ripping them, but given the choice between DRMed digital copies or open-access physical media in an attractive package I’d rather spend my $10 on the latter.

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