Giants Without Footprints

I had the pleasure of having dinner with talented DJ and actor Don Berns last night. He was kind enough to make a copy of his swan song album, but I was so star-struck that I forgot to pay the man! Thus, I’m paying in trade by advertising a stage production he’s performing in this coming July.

The production is called Giants Without Footprints, written and directed by Stephen Kunc, and is showing as part of the Toronto Fringe Festival (416-966-1062). Here are the pertinents:

Giants Without Footprints

George Ignatieff Theatre
15 Devonshire Place (near the Museum subway station)

Admission: $10

Wednesday, July 2, 6:30PM
Thursday, July 3, 8:15PM
Friday, July 4, 1:15PM
Monday, July 7, 10:45PM
Tuesday, July 8, 1:00PM
Friday, July 11, 4:00PM
Sunday, July 14, 8:30PM

My readers should know I run a non-commercial blog and only endorse products and services I myself approve of, so if you’d like to meet me at the show leave a comment and we’ll work something out!

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