When six million words ain’t enough

1 picture = 1000 words
video = 24 pictures per second
my YouTube video = 3:11 (251 seconds)
251 seconds x 24 frames x 1000 words = 6,024,000 words

You know what would clarify 6 million words? About 100 more words!

I’ve had some pretty amazing viewership numbers (nearly 68,000 as of this writing) on my very simple YouTube screencast of my old song, Technophrenia, being played in ModPlug Tracker. I enabled email notifications for the comments and have been doing my best to reply to people’s questions about how I wrote the song. Unfortunately, YouTube’s comment system is atrocious and randomly discards my replies even after it assures me they’ve been successfully submitted.

I noticed some videos featuring very annoying “annotations” superimposed over videos and assumed it was some kind of new ad system, but after delving into the interface I realized I had the opportunity to annoy my viewers as well! I enthusiastically created a little realtime walkthrough of the mechanics of writing a song in MOD (or similar) format. It was an uphill battle, though, since the annotation interface is extremely buggy and glitchy. Luckily it seemed to auto-save about every minute so although I had to refresh the page after making pretty much every little adjustment, and even though the entire YouTube website became unresponsive for a while (did I DOS them with my refreshes?), I never lost any progress.

Here’s my annotated video. If you have exceptional patience maybe you can do something similar for your own videos. (I tried to embed the video but annotations only show when you view it on YouTube’s site).

Hypnotic Melody – Technophrenia (annotated)

Incidentally, can anyone out there recommend a good self-hosted Flash video player app that I can embed on my blog? I’d rather host the videos myself to ensure reliablility.

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