Gaming the tubes

As a search engine enthusiast I love QuadsZilla’s SEO Black Hat blog. I sometimes don’t agree with his conclusions but I appreciate that knowing smirk implied in his prose. I think yesterday’s was his best yet, about gaming Google’s trial of a Digglike crowdsourcing feature. Cutting and concise.

Here’s his article on Google Hot or Not.

It totally reminded me of one of jPod’s Kam Fong‘s many underworld operations.



The 8Bit Philosophy

A kindly German chap informed me of a necessary correction on one of the articles on my techno mixtapes site.  It was an insightful comment so I checked out his blog and found some pretty nifty stuff.  I’ll have to scour a bit to see it all, but one thing that arrested my attention immediately was this article on The 8Bit Philosophy – a 40-minute documentary about the history and current state of Commodore 64 game music.

It’s a concise film but packs a punch factually, enthusiastically, and musically.  Not having owned a C64 I didn’t recognize any of the composers (except Rob Hubbard who was mentioned but not interviewed) but I fully appreciated and greatly admired their analyses of why the C64, a limited machine by any definition, was such a special platform for music.

If you’re a nerd worth your salt you will devour this documentary.

Check out the trailer below, or grab the film from the official 8Bit Philosophy website.



A far cry from original journalism

Not much of a fan of the first one, I didn’t expect much from Far Cry 2.  The headlines say otherwise.  I checked out the aggregate score on MetaCritic and chuckled at the similarity between the two PC Gamer magazines across the pond.