One day at Arecibo, Puerto Rico

October 8, 2308, 2:34am

“Sir, we’re getting some strange readings from the Arecibo facility.”

“Bring it up.”

“This can’t be!   Watson, check the calibration record.”

“Already did, sir. We’re receiving at optimal levels and the the weather is clear. We should have confirmation from the VLA in a moment.”

“I can’t believe it. We’ve been scouring the heavens for years and after all this time… could this be the end?

“Sir! The VLA has responded!”

“Quickly, Watson! Run a differential and bring it up onscreen!”

“Astounding! They’re identical!”

“Sir, this… looks like the apex. Did we find it after all this time, all the way out in the damn Pleiades?”

“Yes, I’d wager so. Looks to stretch out to about halfway between Alcyone and Merope.”

“My god… I mean, I always knew it was enormous, but… I mean…”

“I know, Watson. I know.”

“It’s just that… I used to think it was endless, boundless… but now that I see the extent… to grasp its entirety in my mind’s eye… I can’t take it! it somehow seems even bigger than infinite!”

“Now you remember this, Watson.  The human race is a remarkable force, but not one without its limitations.  We took up tools as we took up arms. We wrote poetry and fashioned songs that we might practise our speechcraft to more effectively chastise our brethren. We rose up from the muck only to pollute our world.

And now this last bastion, this last possibility, has reminded mankind once more of its… humanity; its summit. Like the tower of Babel this appeared to us for so long to just keep going on and on… but by the Baskervilles, like every other human trait and endeavour, we can confirm there is a zenith, albeit at an astronomical altitude.

This is it. The end.

We’ve finally found the limit to MYCROFT’S TRIVIA KNOWLEDGE!!!”

Congrats on winning my trivia challenge, Mycroft!!

By brian

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