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Heat sink hot chocolate

It’s pretty incredible how hot my 8800GT gets. This screenshot was taken while I was playing Titan Quest – a 2-year-old game that gives me a solid 60 frames!

This game runs perfectly stable, as do the vast majority of games I play. Very few games will hard lock my machine after red spots appear scattered around – games like Assassin’s Creed and Medal of Honor: Airborne. Oddly, since I bought this new Samsung SyncMaster T220 monitor last week (22″ @ 1680×1050) neither of these games have crashed, even though I’m rendering so many more pixels than I did with my previous monitor (Samsung SyncMaster 915N @ 1280×1024). Doesn’t make much sense to me. Maybe the drivers have been improved since I played these games last.

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I live in Toronto, Canada, and work for an IT firm. That's about as much real-world info I'm comfortable divulging here. What you read on my blog is the real Brian, but, for the sake of freedom of speech, I feel most comfortable leaving a gulf between my cyberspace and meatspace personae.

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My ridiculous job title is "Marketing Specialist" since I wear so many hats at work. I'm a technical writer, a specialist in enterprise search technologies, an electronic forms designer, a newsletter author, system administrator... but I'm in the Marketing department so for the time being I'm stuck with this inauspicious title.

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