Sheer and utter Luna-C

The benevolent sir Luna-C, of the epically renowned oldskool hardcore techno and breakbeat label Kniteforce, has shown incredible benevolence in sharing its entire back catalogue (plus a few sub-labels) for free! This is a veritable techno gold mine – especially so since every song is ripped at 320kbps MP3, weighing in at nearly 4.5GB! This includes a few sample records which can be used for scratching or further (non-commercial) production.

Some enormous names have been birthed or featuredc by Kniteforce including Luna-C, Cru-L-T, Ham, Brisk, Force, Jimmy J, and Future Primitive. Their sounds are mostly higher BPM than other labels, probably averaging around 165 or 170, and feature happy piano tunes, aggressive percussive jams, dreamy jungle tracks, and just about every permutation in-between. It’s all here for free, ripe for the plucking.

I’m going to donate a little something to compensate for the several gigs of breaky goodness I’ve downloaded today.

Here’s the link to the Kniteforce sub-labels page, and here’s links to all the participating labels with free music:

If my wife is goodly enough to endure these frenetic snares over the winter holiday I’ll be sure to post my resulting DJ mix! I can’t wait to get my hands all over this collection!

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