Harper vs Hackers

I don’t want to have one of those blogs where the writer features news articles and writes an uninformative blurb with a hyperlink to the real news, but this story was too amusing to pass up.

A mischevious someone used some sort of remote communication device to reprogram electronic signs on several Toronto-area GO Transit trains to display the repeating message “Stephen Harper eats babies.”

Harper doesn’t eat babies: GO Transit

Amusingly, the “Right Honourable” Stephen Harper is unofficially featured in the new Ghost Recon game – as a cadaver. The premise has the Canadian prime minister assassinated at a summit meeting with the American and Mexican presidents. (a recently occuring real-world event) The Ottawa Citizen quotes an Ubisoft senior co-ordinator, asking Canadians not to be offended (we’ll try our darndest), saying. “Basically, for the game, the Canadian guy was the only one that we could actually sacrifice in the story.”

Prime target: Canadian PM assassinated in video game


Windows XP rules

Naysayers of Microsoft’s operating system, you gotta admit this is pretty impressive – especially for a power user.


You can check out your uptime with this handy dandy little batch file:

@echo off
c:\windows\system32\systeminfo | find “Up Time”


Demodulated demodulated

I found a link to a very cool utility that finds the 100 most commonly used words on a website or blog and makes an alphabetical collage of them. Technically I should be buying a shirt from for providing me this service but I’ll chalk this nifty image up to charitable donation.


How the word “fact” got into my blog (or any blog) is beyond me!